Award Winning

Kansas City Chambers of Commerce Top Business 2011

What is truly different about C&M?

C&M is focused on an enjoyable work environment, where employees look forward to coming to work each day. No day should be wasted or diminished. If a person doesn’t enjoy his or her job, believes he or she is treated unfairly, or feels devalued by the employer, they tend to take a negative perspective with them in their work, then home to their families and back to their employer. The C&M business model is based on positivity and respect for employees, and this has been accomplished successfully. As the president of this business, I follow the attitudes, ethics and values I learned from my parents and my Faith and incorporated them into C&M Restoration.

In my prior job experience I didn’t think it was the best situation for me. I wanted to go to work every day in a place where I could be fulfilled, experience a positive attitude and know we were making the right choices and doing the right things. While these expectations and values may not be important to everyone in the construction industry, they were a priority here. In founding C&M , I emphasized these values and have built a team of employees who now also appreciate a different type of work culture than may be found in the construction industry. In addition, I lead by example. If I were to say one thing, then do the opposite, I would not have my team believing in the values and decisions of this company. I am consistent about how I lead this company. I live the values that I have established for C&M.

How did C&M become the best?

Because of our reputation in the industry, the people we attract are craftspersons who are intelligent and possess an outstanding work ethic. They come to us with the desire to provide what we term a “hard and honest work day.” They are proud of their skills. They are dedicated to their craft and workplace safety is a priority. They are good leaders and some are good mentors. They are well trained and competent in our services.

There is no stratification between our fieldperson team versus our management team. There is a total understanding that we can’t be the premier service provider unless everyone is performing at his or her highest level.

If you see scaffolding around an older structure in Kansas City with workmen hanging 10 or 20 stories in the air, there’s a good chance those individuals are C&M team members. They brave the elements — heat, rain, wind, and cold. They work under very dirty, grimy and demanding conditions, thus workplace safety is a priority at C&M. The safety of our team members, customers, and all those individuals within close proximity to our works in progress must be maintained through a comprehensive and competent safety program. This program involves daily, weekly, and monthly documented activities and intense employee training programs.

The success of our safety program is based on a partnership with our field team, management team and company leadership. Our safety program requires a constant awareness and utilization of many elements. When we have our safety meetings, the primary focus does not concern OSHA or our insurance coverage; it concerns the team members and providing for their families, and all the other goals they have in life, which is what safety is all about! C&M operates correctly within compliance and in an environmentally responsible manner.