Award Winning

Kansas City Chambers of Commerce Top Business 2011

We stay focused on our core values

To sustain our positive morale and remain on course, we conduct monthly employee meetings at C&M in which everyone is invited to breakfast. This activity has been a mainstay for 20 years and I know of no other construction company in the area that does the same as we do. At the breakfast, first we have a safety meeting, and then we have an update about how the month and the year are progressing in terms of new projects and work completed in accordance with our determined business forecast. We discuss our Mission Statement, challenges we have faced, and we review our accomplishments.

This meeting is utilized to highlight testimonials and compliments we have received from customers. Every person on our team will have the opportunity to see someone recognized for the good work he or she did. The meeting may include critique of an error made, a judgment call, or a mistake that someone made, but we never single out an individual or use a name. The team is very comfortable with this format because they have been at C&M long enough to know that we care about each of them, respect them and we wouldn’t harm anyone who works for us.