Award Winning

Kansas City Chambers of Commerce Top Business 2011

We keep our customers

The C&M customer service policy states: “Never Lose a Customer.” We want to always meet or exceed their expectations. This philosophy is stated in our employee handbook and our “Systems in Place” document which serve as guidelines we created to insure we stay on course. For our project managers and salespeople to be successful, they must have the desire to please our customers to the highest degree. Without this level of satisfaction, we would not have recurring revenue to sustain our business. I believe and trust that my salespeople, project managers, superintendents and field persons care so much about customer satisfaction that if there is a problem, I know they can deal with it to everyone’s satisfaction. They are empowered to make service decisions, even if the decisions require additional costs, exceeding the estimate, and reducing the job profit. It would be very rare if a situation needed to be brought to my attention. I have given them the latitude they need to make decisions that follow our value system and please the customer, too. “If you take care of your customers first and your employees second, your company will be fine.”

C&M takes the high road

When dealing with challenges, we always take the proverbial high road to a positive resolution. Reflecting on the past 20 years, we have faced several trying situations as a team and we have been reminded that the “high road” philosophy includes some stresses, but we follow it anyway. In the end, my team and I feel good about our decisions and truthfully; we wouldn’t trade that personal satisfaction for anything.

We have always paid our vendors and subcontractors whether we receive payment from our customers or not. For example, there have been projects in which we performed at the highest manner, but due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not paid for several years. Our vendors and subcontractors were not adversely affected. They each received payment on time. Thus, they continue to have very loyal relationships with us.