Award Winning

Kansas City Chambers of Commerce Top Business 2011

We serve outstanding customers

C&M has the privilege to work with the most outstanding customers. These are reputable businesses and prominent individuals whose patronage permits C&M to hold to our values and continue to be profitable. In finding the caliber of potential customers we would like, we perform due diligence in targeting and building relationships with property management firms, hospitals, banks, construction companies, manufacturers and others.

In 2014 we completed over 250 jobs with an average value of $26,000. While many of our competitors are only looking for larger projects, C&M is here to service our clients. We will perform small projects if that is what our customer wants. We know they really appreciate our business philosophy. C&M provides high quality, durable, safe and economical restoration projects for our clients.

C&M represents the total package for providing your On-Call Exterior Concrete and Masonry Restoration Services. First, we are reputable, well managed and community-focused. We have complete confidence in our business model and our ability to perform. We share our extensive and intensive industry knowledge and insights clearly to clients and prospective clients and we remain on the innovative edge in our chosen Kansas City marketplace.

Dedication and commitment are important to the leadership, management and the craftsperson in the field at C&M. We are determined to succeed and to continue to excel in the services we offer within the segment of business we have selected. We are highly competitive, yet we remain ethical in how we seek, attain and retain business.

At C&M, we have specific goals, a detailed roadmap, and a value system in place that permits us to focus intently on achieving our desired results every year. All decisions are executed in accordance with our core values, standards, and the Golden Rule.

We have built this small business from the first day of operation as if it were a big business. Today, we have an extensive proven track record of exactly what we can accomplish. We have the ability to conceptualize a vision and inspire people to pursue that vision with us and then empower them to perform at their very best. We provide a great place to work for our team members, encourage them to participate in the success of C&M and reward them for their good work. Safety for everyone is a priority.

Our proper financial records and controls are always in place. This enables us to continually make sound decisions concerning this business. We develop and grow from both successes and setbacks. We regard all experience as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Satisfying customers is paramount to us, whether the customer is commercial, an individual or a representative of a governmental agency or the job is small, medium or large. Everyone here enjoys the feeling we get from developing positive client relationships and experiences.

The success of this small business is attributable to our wonderful long-term clients, to a clear company vision that includes ethical values, to excelling in customer relationships, to the exemplary caliber of skill and service we provide, and lastly, to our team members who believe that by providing clients with only the highest quality restoration projects we are building a profitable and secure future for Concrete and Masonry Restoration.